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December 21, 2022


To address the unique inline metal detection and hygiene requirements in the meat, fish, poultry, dairy, plant-based and condiment processing industries, Fortress Technology will unveil how its ultra-hygienic Pump Pipeline Metal Detector is addressing both cross contact and metal contamination at International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2023 (Booth C-12318).

With meat and poultry processing compliance demanding the highest levels of sanitation, the new Fortress Pump Pipeline Metal Detector features an ultra-hygienic, food-safe Delrin removable plastic tube. Constructed with no metal ends, it is completely clear of bacteria-harboring crevices. Also included are customized Delrin wrenches stored on the machine to loosen and tighten threads without damaging the pipe. IP69K-rated and USDA compliant, the slimline machine, which is fitted to a mobile frame for maximum flexibility, also features a unique rail mounted reject valve design for fast removal of pipe for cleaning and reassembly.

By optimizing hygiene standards, the Fortress Pump Pipeline machine helps to prevent cross contact contamination and the spread of bacteria in industrial meat processing environments that could cause consumers to get sick. Designed specifically for sausage and red meat patty applications, the reduced system length takes up less space between other machinery, including stuffers and clippers. The machine can also be used to inspect pates, broths, gravies and sauces, as well as viscous pet food.

Its mobile frame is easy to roll out. A Clean in Place mode is also available. In less than three minutes, operatives can blast high pressure water jets through the system, eliminating bacteria and product residue to prevent cross contamination. Not being fixed to ceilings or frames enables easy reconfiguration on upstream processing lines. Being a balanced system mitigates the risk of the machine tipping over when being maneuvered around. To accommodate facilities with sloped floors, adjustable casters enable easy correction of pipe angles.

To enhance workforce safety, an extension pipe on the reject output helps to prevent injury during sanitation and maintenance. Featuring ergonomic electric powered height adjustment controlled via the HMI, the unit, which is three foot in height and length[1] also includes an automatic air dump when the valve is disassembled, as well as a visible stop pushbutton to halt production.

For cleaner, accurate, labor and waste saving machine testing, Halo automatically runs performance verification tests, challenging the center of the pipeline metal detector aperture without the mess of inserting and retrieving test balls. An optional manual testing process comprises a test ball insertion and retrieval kit to prevent contaminating products with the test samples.

Sophisticated data capture and Contact Reporter Software documents the numerical value of signal strength for each reject event and replaces paper records documenting performance verifications. Satisfying the most stringent meat, poultry and food processing Quality Assurance mandates, including GFSI/SQF, BRC and HACCP.

Check out these ultra-hygienic Pump Pipeline features and more at IPPE, Booth C-12318.


[1] Depending on the application