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Santa Helena® is one of Fortress Technology®’s oldest and most valued customers. With 76 years of experience in the market, it is a 100% Brazilian company that has become a world leader in producing peanut-based products.

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Paçoquita and Mendorato are sales leaders and are staples in the daily lives of people, a direct reflection of the brand’s commitment to establishing strict quality control, which is attested by ABICAB’s Pro-Peanut seal.

In the journey to establish quality in its production lines, Santa Helena® entered into a partnership with Fortress Technology® in 2008, the year in which the first metal detectors were installed in the industry based in Ribeirão Preto (SP). Since then, the companies have worked together in partnership.

Aerial image of the Santa Helena® plant in Ribeirão Preto (SP).

“Saint Helena, committed to ensuring the quality of products for customers and consumers and maintaining the reputation of its brands, has Fortress Technology® metal detectors on all of its production lines, as they are reliable in verifying the undesirable presence of metals,” explains Devanir Medina, corporate manager of Engineering, Safety and Quality in the food industry.

Fortress Technology® is the only manufacturer that, from the outset of the project, customizes its metal detectors and software to suit the needs of its customers, to ensure a higher level of detection and ensure a high return on investment.

The partnership between the two companies strengthens each year with extensive work in the field of metal detection and today there are approximately 200 devices installed and customized to ensure the quality of products at the St. Helena® factory.

Fortress Technology® Stealth Metal Detector

“Never Obsolete” commitment

Fortress Technology® metal detectors are designed with a “Never Obsolete” commitment. Therefore, customers are always supported with parts, electronic boards (hardware) and software upgrades; as well as a global service team. With Fortress Technology®, your company will always have the latest in metal detection technology.