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Select Country contamination is a food safety issue that can have a negative and potentially irreparable effect on a pet processor’s reputation. Catching metal contaminants at the tail-end of lines can be more expensive.

At IPPE 2024 (Booth C-19139), Fortress Technology will reveal the benefits of installing inline metal detection equipment before packing.

Sensitive and hygienic inspection equipment is crucial to pet food processors looking to safeguard their brand and increase revenue. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) requires that all animal foods, like human foods, be safe to eat, produced under sanitary conditions, contain no harmful substances and be truthfully labeled.

With wet pet food processing compliance demanding the highest levels of sanitation, the Fortress Meat Pump Pipeline Metal Detector featured on the IPPE 2024 Fortress booth tackles contamination and hygiene simultaneously. Utilized to prevent metal contaminants reaching the packing stage, the inspection system’s removable ultra-hygienic plastic tube is constructed from food-safe Delrin.

IP69K-rated and USDA compliant, the slimline metal detector is constructed with no metal ends, ensuring no bacteria-harboring crevices. Customized wrenches stored on the machine enable operators on wet food processing lines to loosen and tighten the pipe’s threads without the risk of damaging the equipment. The fully adjustable mobile frame with an electric lift gives processors maximum flexibility. Additionally, the unique rail mounted reject valve supports fast removal of the pipe for cleaning and reassembly.

In less than three minutes, operatives can blast high pressure water jets through the system, eliminating bacteria and product residue to prevent cross contamination. Features like this are especially useful in enclosed metal detector pipeline configurations, which are virtually impossible to access efficiently. By optimizing hygiene standards, the Fortress Meat Pump Pipeline machine helps to prevent the spread of bacteria in pet food products.

Also featuring at IPPE are Fortress gravity metal detectors. Alongside pipeline inspection machines, these are a common sight on dry kibble and pet treat lines. They are often located between product chutes and hoppers and integrated with automated packing systems and checkweighers. For final quality checks, highly sensitive bulk metal detectors and checkweighers can be added for large pet food bags and boxed wet food trays.

To enhance and optimize your inspection systems, Fortress offers an automatic testing solution, which automatically runs performance verification tests. Cleaner, accurate, and labor and waste saving, Halo automatic testing reduces the risk of human error by eliminating the challenge of manually inserting and retrieving test balls from a closed pipeline or gravity pet food inspection system.

With animal owners spending such sizable sums on premium wet and dry foods, pet food processors need to ensure every meal and treat has undergone thorough contamination detection. No matter the ingredients or application format, pet food production lines today must reflect the authentic safety, wellbeing and care that owners and their animals expect.

Check out these ultra-hygienic Meat Pump Pipeline features and more at IPPE 2024, Booth C-19139.