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Global food safety, contaminant detection and checkweighing machine manufacturer Fortress Technology today announces that it has acquired Dynamic Inspection located in New Zealand. Creating the company’s fourth global manufacturing site.

Founded in 1998, Dynamic Inspection remains the only manufacturer of in-line food grade metal detectors in New Zealand.  With an unmatched performance safeguarding dairy and food processing lines throughout Oceania and neighboring APAC countries, Dynamic has been affiliated to Fortress since the Canadian firm’s inception 27 years ago. The two companies share decades of design and application experience.



By formalizing this longstanding alliance and transferring ownership to Fortress, customers will benefit from both companies’ respective and innovative expertise. In turn this will help to strengthen and advance food safety culture as a whole. “Dynamic Inspection has always been aligned with maintaining quality and putting every customer’s needs first,” attests Eric Garr, Regional Sales Manager at Fortress Technology.

Dynamic Inspection Limited was established 25 years ago to supply locally-manufactured metal detection systems. With founders Bob Philpott and Steve Atkins retiring, the acquisition by Fortress guarantees food safety service and support continuity for countless customers.

Incumbent general manager Bob reflects: “Dynamic Inspection has earned an unequalled reputation for manufacturing the highest quality, most reliable and technically superior inspection products based on Fortress Technology’s ‘Never Obsolete’ metal detection technology platforms. All backed by an expert New Zealand-based service and support team.”

Meeting in another metal detection circle over 40 years ago, little did the Fortress CEO and founder Steve Gidman and Bob Philpott realize how rapidly their mutual interest would evolve and disrupt the food safety market. “Seeing our relationship move to this next level and cementing our global reputation in this specialized sphere of expertise is really satisfying,” adds Dynamic Inspection co-founder Steve Atkins.

Reminiscent of Fortress’s pledge to customers, Dynamic Inspection adopts the same approach when engineering, installing and servicing food inspection solutions across Oceania and APAC. “From small to large food, healthcare and consumer goods manufacturers, we form long-lasting partnerships through our guarantee of delivering reliable, easy-to-operate, high-performance inspection products,” highlights Bob.


Citing the clear natural synergy between the two companies, Eric confirms that as with every Fortress location globally, good customer support has been the backbone of Dynamic’s success and growth. This service continuity will not only remain but be strengthened with additional Fortress global resources, reassures Steve. “Our dedicated Dynamic Inspection family remains committed to serving our loyal customers.”

“The transition to Fortress now enables us to recruit more experts and expand our manufacturing hub in New Zealand, as well as our business reach. Exciting new products and services will follow,” adds Bob.

Having integrated Fortress metal detector technology from their inception, the Dynamic Inspection team is already equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the equipment, software features and approach to harmonizing global food safety.

A major benefit of this acquisition will be the improved level of support Fortress can provide to existing and future customers, distributors and agents. Having a manufacturing facility in close proximity to customers presents endless benefits; prompt delivery, transport cost savings and faster access to service support. “Supplying and servicing markets locally is always the best approach,” states Eric.

Eric expands: “Continuous support of our customers is integral to our service. It is the reason we have been able to expand our market share and simultaneously maintain long-lasting customer relationships.”



Based in Cambridge with additional sales and service engineers located in Auckland and Christchurch, Dynamic found success supplying metal detectors, x-ray and checkweighing equipment for dairy lines, specifically milk powder inspection. However, their reach is not limited to dairy applications and they have installed superior inspection systems for the entire food industry, worldwide.

Fortress will continue to share the latest advancements in inspection technology to New Zealand, enabling local engineers to adopt identical manufacturing processes. However, the Dynamic team will now have direct access to the Canadian teams’ extensive R&D and global food safety intel. “Regardless of where customers purchase our inspection technologies, they will look the same, and deliver the same food safety quality control, inspection performance and processing efficiencies,” confirms Eric.

The New Zealand food sector is a model of export safety and trust, reports Bob. Producing sought-after dairy, meat and fruit products, demand for these export commodities, which totaled $42.3bn in 2022, is expected to increase and diversify. “This is leading to greater demand among processors across our region for better performance inspection equipment, universal codes of practice and more data integration. All areas that Fortress is ahead of the game on and will help our customers to grow their export markets,” comments Bob.

Eric enthuses: “Each team member at Dynamic Inspection has played a vital part in the success of their company and this new partnership. We are thrilled to have them on board and look forward to serving existing and prospective customers throughout New Zealand, Australia and now the entire Asia Pacific region.”

This latest acquisition means that Fortress Technology now has four manufacturing operations covering North America, South America, the UK and Europe, and Asia Pacific. The company will continue to leverage each site’s localized knowledge to respond to market and food safety needs, as well as changing consumer-supplier relationships.

The acquisition of Dynamic Inspection was ratified on October 6, 2023.